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Alleged Ill Usage of a Wife by her Husband

(Birmingham Daily Post April 29 1858)

‘The neighbourhood of Icknield Street and the Sand Pits was the scene of much excitement during the whole of yesterday, arising out of the following melancholy ocurrence:

A person named William Talbot keeps a provision and seed shop in Icknield Street East. He was married; and it is currently reported, that for some time past, he and his wife have led a most unhappy life. On Monday evening last, as we are informed, an unfortunate difference took place between them and it ended in Talbot, assisted by his son, after very ill usage to his wife, turning her out of doors.

It is said that the poor woman was met without a bonnet, both in the Hagley Road and in Monument Lane. At this latter spot, the persons who saw her supposed, she being opposite to a public house, that she might be waiting for her husband. One of them remarked. “It is a fine night,” and to this Mrs Talbot said: “It is”. This took place between eleven and twelve o’clock; but about one o’clock a policeman met her and took her home.

We have not been able to learn anything as to the circumstances directly following this; but at a quarter before five o’clock on Tuesday evening, a person named James Dancer, living in Richard’s Buildings, Icknield Square, found the dead body of Mrs Talbot in the canal, near the Cottage of Content Bridge, Saint Vincent Street. He, with assistance, got the unhappy woman out of the water’.

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