Published On: Fri, Nov 29th, 2013

Brave Rescue of Children by Their Parents

(Birmingham Mail. February 5 1874)

About four o’clock this morning Mr George Lurwell, a wood carver, who resides in Ladypool Lane, was awakened by a suffocating smell of smoke. He got out of bed and found that his house was in flames. He opened the door of an adjoining bedroom in which four of his children were sleeping. The room was enveloped in flames.

He rushed in, notwithstanding that the flames singed his hair and his whiskers, and snatched up two of the children, carried them down stairs, and placed them in safety in the garden. In the meantime is wife ran into the room and took up the other two children, opened the window and threw them out to her husband, who caught them safely and placed them out of the way of harm.

A messenger was despatched for the fire engines, and the neighbours all worked zealously in throwing water on the burning parts of the house and in removing the furniture. On the arrival of the fire engines the fire had got such hold upon the house and workshop at the rear, that both were completely gutted. A great portion of the furniture was burned, with all the unfortunate man’s tools and workshop. He was not insured. The origin of the fire is unknown’.

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