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Explosion in Anti-corrosive and Percussion Cap Manufactory


Graham Street (June 1862)

Funeral of Brothers Richard and Thomas Simcox Walker

‘The remains of Messrs Richard and Thomas Simcox Walker, who perished in the explosion in the Graham Street works of R. Walker’s, were yesterday consigned to the family vault in the old Cemetery in Key Hill.

The mournful event caused a large number of people (500 or 600) to assemble in the Cemetery grounds and round the gates. The procession, which consisted of two hearses and mourning coach, and a number of mourners on foot, arrived a few minutes before one o’clock.

The coffins containing the remains having been carried inside the gates and placed upon biers, were inspected by a number of people anxious to see all they could connected wih the two unfortunate men who had been so suddenly snatched from amongst them.

The coffins were covered with black cloth, with silver handles and a silver plate, containing the name, age and date of death of each of the deceased gentlemen.The opening portion of the burial service was read with great solmnity by the Chaplain in the chapel, after which the procession moved to the vault, which is situated in the main avenue which runs along the back of the cemetery.

The remains were lowered into the vault which had received several members of their family before. At his point of the ceremony the grief of the relatives was intense and seemed to infect most of the assembled, for many eyes glistened with the tears of sympathy (one brother left four young children).

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