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Shocking Machinery Accident

(Birmingham Mail. October 5 1872)

An inquest was held yesterday before Dr.J. Birt Davies, on the body of Edward Dale (14), nut and bolt worker, whose parents live at 2, Victoria Court, Lower Camden Street. The deceased was employed by Messes. Barwell and Smith, nut and bolt manufacturers, Hockley Works, Brookfields, and on Tuesday morning, about half-past seven o’clock, a man named Coates was putting a heat in the furnace, and, on turning round to put his tools down, he saw the deceased entangled on a leather band which went round a wheel on the main-shaft, worked by steam, and about 15 feet from the ground.

The engine was immediately stopped, but not before his feet had been cut off, his left thigh broken, and severe laceration of the right arm. He expired soon afterwards.

Coates had seen the deceased that morning take hold of the band, and hold it until he was drawn up some 3 feet when he would let go his hold and drop to the ground. Coates cautioned the deceased about it. A verdit was returned of ‘Accidental death’.’

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