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Singular Accident

(Birmingham Mail. September 16 1874)

Mr. Lichfield Watton Sutcliffe, of Great Hampton Street, varnish manufacturer, etc., who carried on busines in the name of his father, the late Isherwood Sutcliffe, was seriously injured yesterday, through the furnace fire of a vat in which oil was being boiled not being kept under proper control.

He had sent the workman in charge for cold oil to pour into the frothing mass, and was in the act of ladling some in from a barrel close by when the flames burst forth with a loud report, burning his face and right arm rather badly.

Although knocked down and unable to see for some minutes, Mr. Sutcliffe managed to roll himself towards the furnace side and lower the lid. The usual throwing on of bags of sand put the flames out. Upon medical examination nothing more than bad burns and singeing were evident, from which Mr Sutcliffe will, no doubt, soon recover.’

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